will universal rims fit ford and chevy

I have a chevy malibu 1978. when the car was givin to me it had 14" rims and tires. Most uni fit wheels has a range of like 4.25" to 5.00" so they fit most of everything out that. Also, be sure and check the size of the hole in the center of the wheels. The rings just tap in place over the hub. It all depends on the lug pattern and offset of the lugs. Los Angeles, CA. hello, i have a chevy cobalt LS 2008 i currently have 195/40R15 tires, im trying to get new rims but the rims i want are 17" X 7.5, based on the specs ive seen on this website they wont fit inside because it is too wide. Suburban's, Tahoe's<<

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